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Spa in Nungambakkam | Valluvarkottam

E xperience the holistic spa journey with Spa Blu where you can escape to a haven of soothing tranquility. Our Spa boasts a five-star ambience and services. Perfect for those looking to relax the body and rejuvenate themind surrounded by tranquil ambience, nestled in the heart of the city.

Our treatments cover all aspects of massages, facials, body treatments, helping you keep the balance between a hectic lifestyle and increasing need for relaxing and repair. Our Spa experience is one of a kind, since delivers remarkable results that creates calm and enhances beauty with exquisite skin and body treatments that are pure and nourishing. Each treatment you will embark on a ‘harmonizing journey of your senses’ which will help you achieve deeper dimensions of relaxation, health and well-being.

Our Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage

The perfect remedy for stress-induced tension, Swedish massage eases body andmind into deep relaxation.

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Deep tissue

Specific pressure given to trigger points to help treat deep knotted muscles, helping relieve aching muscles and help ease pain.

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Thai yoga massage

Relieves stress and tension in muscles and joints, increases flexibility

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Thai Oil Therapy

A combination of assisted stretching followed by a soothing Swedish massage.

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Herbal compress Massage

Relieves pain and inflammation. Improves blood circulation, alleviates muscle stiffness.

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Four hand Massage

Enhanced relaxation, Improves mental health, Better sleep.

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Express Massages

Hectic schedules can wreak havoc on the body and the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders.

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Scrubs & Wraps

Skin care doesn’t end right above the neck. The body also needs a through skin care routine.

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Our skin therapists are some of the highest trained professionals in the skin care industry.

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Package Pricing

Traveler's Retreat
Relax & Unwind
Enchanted Journey
Spa Retreat
Pure Indulgence
Absolute Bliss
Blu Signature
Sheer Perfection
Swedish Massage 60min Facial 30min Foot Massage30min

Rs.4600 for 2 hrs

Scrub 60min Thai Yoga 30min

Rs.3999 for 1.5 hrs

Swedish Massage 60min Facial 60min

Rs.3899 for 2 hrs

Swedish Massage 60min Scrub 60min Choice of Scrub 60min

Rs.4150 for 2 hrs

Four Hand Massage60min Signature Facial 60min

Rs.6400 for 2.5 hrs

Swedish Massage60min Facial 60min Scrub 60min

Rs.5500 for 3 hrs

Scrub 60min Signature Facial 90min Herbal 90min

Rs.6150 for 3 hrs

Swedish Massage 60min Scrub 60min Wrap 60min

Rs.5800 for 3 hrs

Swedish Massage 60min Facial 30min Scrub 60min Wrap 60min

Rs.6800 for 3.5 hrs

Unwind MembershipsPricing

Foot Reflexology

Avail Foot Reflexology session for 30 minutes, everyday for 365 days
@ Rs. 50,000+ taxes

De-Stress Memberships Pricing


Rs.11800 / 15000

Rs.30000 / 33000

Rs.41300 / 51300

Rs.70800 / Rs.91000

Contact Us

Contact Us

  • #5/3, 5th Cross Street, Lake area, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600 034.
  • 044 48648695
  • +91-95000 09809
  • info@spablu.in

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